Review For Past Events

Review For Past Events

"CSHA meeting is certainly my most favorite scientific event. I fully enjoyed the excellent program, the right air for brainstorming, and the outstanding logistic support."
Ning Yan

"this conference was highly successful, characterized by a high quality scientific program and participation from an enthusiastic audience with diverse background and interests."
Bing Ren

“Under this particular sort of setting, this meeting, High Throughput Biology, is the first one of this kind of anyway in the world. I think you’ve already seen dramatic things happening here…”
Tian Xu

" It was a great, interesting and informative meeting in a beautiful venue."
Isaac P. Witz

"I have been invited to the Suzhou site twice this year (for the inauguration symposium on cancer and RNA biology symposium). On both occasions I enjoyed very much the quality of science and the richness of culture... not to mention the food!"
--Narry Kim

"I have been to many meetings. Honestly, with the attraction of CSH-Suzhou meetings covering a range of life science frontiers, I don’t have much incentive to go to any other international meetings. CSH-Suzhou meetings are truly a wonderful training ground for PhD students, an interactive forum for postdoctoral fellows, and an idea-stimulating place for principal investigators.

--Yigong Shi

"As you know, the problem of Asia as compared with US and EU is that government budget size for life science is still too small in many countries. Thus, the location of CSH Asia allows young researchers from many Asian developing countries to have access to valuable symposia and courses more easily than before. Also important possibility of CSH Asia would be to facilitate the collaborations among Asian countries. While science per se is international, importance of regional collaboration has been understood well from the example of EU. I thus hope that CSH Asia will play a role with this respect by providing a useful platform."
--Shinichi Nishikawa

"Life is a wide range spectrum of emotions. In this school I felt the most motivating ones and they will always be engraved in my mind! Thank you!"

"Overall, the course was excellent, flawless organization, open‐minded staffs and faculties. I'm glad I decided to take part in this program."

"It’s the best course that I’ve ever taken!"

"It was an amazing experience and really beneficial. I learned many new things and feel glad to meet all these people and make new really nice (neuro)friends."|
--Students from summer school