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Cold Spring Harbor Asia Summer Schools

Building and Mining Brain Cell Atlases and Connectomes



Summer schools are limited in class size to ensure a good instructor-student ratio, and selection is likely to be highly competitive. To facilitate the application process, students are asked to provide information documenting their application. First and foremost, applicants should give their reasons for wanting to participate in the summer school. As part of this, you should briefly outline your career. It is essential that you supplement your application with one or more letters of recommendation. Applicants should remember that selection is based upon the degree to which they would benefit from

In order to apply, you need to prepare several electronic files for attachment including:

(tell us how you will benefit from taking the course - 1000 words maximum)(5MB max) 
2 Letters of Recommendation (5MB max each) 
Scholarship request (optional) (5MB max)

Applicants will be notified by email of selection decisions 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.


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